About this Blog and About Us!

Havasupia 10x10Welcome to Our Blog!

If you found your way to our blog you are probably either a friend or family who followed a link –  thanks for following us!     Or if you are a stranger, or somehow did a google search on one of our travel destinations while researching for your own trip –  hope you enjoy the blog and your trip!

We’re not “real” bloggers but we enjoy traveling when we are in our off-season for work.    Some years we can’t travel or don’t go anywhere that seems worth blogging about,  but some years we have an extended adventure and love to share it!

This year (Nov-Dec 2018), winter hit a bit earlier than normal,  freezing the ground and putting an early halt to our landscaping installation season.     Since we missed Christmas with the families last year,  we’re planning to be home for them this year,  leaving just enough time to “sneak in” a 4-ish week walk on the Camino Portuguese!     This will be similar the Camino we did in Spain 4 years ago,  except this year in Portugal:  starting in Lisbon in southern Portugal and walking north towards Santiago Spain.    This the winter “off” season again:   probably meaning we won’t be walking with very many other pilgrims/walkers,  and it’s their rainy season so probably quite a bit of rain (or snow!?).    We have a few side trips we’re going to take off of the Camino (hoping to watch giant surf waves in Nazare: see a video from a couple of days ago here!),  so we’re not sure if we’ll make it all the way to Santiago on this hike in the time we have,  but we’re looking forward to doing as much of it as we can!       Link to the Camino Portuguese blog posts coming soon!

Links to a few of our other trips and blogs are here too:

3 thoughts on “About this Blog and About Us!

  1. Hello Chris and Jodi,

    I just chanced upon your blog through wordpress reader and what a treat it has been 🙂

    Annapoorna trekking is right there on top of my bucket list and when I saw the images you shared, it’s become irresistible…

    Thank you so much for sharing all these incredible images and information. I am sure it will help many while planning their trek.

    Have a great time 🙂


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