About this Blog and About Us!

Havasupia 10x10Welcome to Our Blog!

If you found your way to our blog you are probably either a friend or family who followed a link –  thanks for following us!     Or if you are a stranger, or somehow did a google search on one of our travel destinations while researching for your own trip –  hope you enjoy the blog and your trip!

We’re not “real” bloggers but we enjoy traveling when we are in our off-season for work.    Some years we can’t travel or don’t go anywhere that seems worth blogging about,  but some years we have an extended adventure and love to share it!

A few of the blogs we have filed on this wordpress blog site.  Follow the Menu button options above to get to these blogs.

2017-18:    Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.      Should be around 28 days of hiking to do the Annapurna Circuit and the spur trail into the Annapurna Base Camp.    This is a horseshoe shaped around that goes most of the way around the Annapurna range,  not climbing to the top of any of them but it has a high pass at 17,780 ft we we’ll still get some altitude.  Again due to our schedule we have to go after our work season ends so we’ll be hiking December and early January –  this is a month or so later than the “prime” time to hike but should still be doable,  but we’ll probably have temperatures below freezing and some snow!

2015-16:   Hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.     We walked approx 550 miles from just over the border in France,  thru Santiago and on to the western ocean at Cee.   Again due to our work schedule we kind of had to do a “winter” camino from December to January so it was a different experience than folks who do it in the “peak season”.    Overall we were really happy to be doing a winter camino:  it was a little colder,  a little snowier at times,  more things were closed so we had fewer options for cities and town stops,  and it was a little rainier a lot of the time.   But,  we loved that it was less crowded and we felt like we got to interact with the local people more than if we had been there during their busy season so we totally recommend a winter camino to anyone thinking about it!

Coming in the future:  we may move some of our other blogs over to this website  (or consolidate all of them somewhere else),  but in the meantime here are some other links:

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